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Silk-screen printed glass


Silk-screen printed glass is produced by applying a thin layer of ceramic paint onto the glass surface by adopting silk-screen printing process. The coated glass is allowed to dry and then further subjected to tempering process with ceramic paint incorporated into the glass surface. The silk-screen printed glass being scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant is a popular decorative safety glass.

We have capability to develop various custom-designed pattern and color to meet the specific needs of customers.


1. A wide range of silk-screen printed glass products can be produced by applying various customed patterns, with multi colors.

2. Scratch resistant, Acid and Alkali resistant

3. High color stability, durable and without color fading

4. Safety glass with tempered glass desirable properties

5. Effective in providing solar shading.


Widely used in architectural interior and exterior decoration, glass furniture and electronic glass products.


Glass Thickness: 3.5mm to 25mm     

Maximum Size: 2500mm x 4500mm    

Minimum Size: 300mm x 300mm